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Jun 20/2016

Multicultural Days
An International Perspective
June 23 - 25, 2005
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Multicultural Days Conference

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Welcome to the Multicultural Days Conference Web site. Multicultural Days: An International Perspective will take place on June 23-25, 2005 at Brock University. The conference will create a multidisciplinary forum for researchers and other interested parties to explore four topic areas.

The topic areas are:
1) Multiculturalism and Youth
2) Education
3) Immigration & Acculturation
4) Health

However, submissions regarding multicultural issues more generally (i.e.conceptualizing multiculturalism, measurement issues, etc.) will also be accepted. Bringing together interested scholars from across the world and from diverse disciplines, this conference will foster knowledge exchange and provide opportunities for collaboration. Its purpose is to bring individuals from around the globe together to create an international and multidisciplinary forum on multicultural research and related issues.

This website has been designed to provide you with complete conference information. Please feel free to contact the conference organizers should you have any further questions. This website also supports the Multicultural Days School Contest and two publications. The first publication, Perspectives on Multiculturalism, is an e-book that contains a collection of peer-reviewed articles on multicultural issues. This collection came out of the first Multicultural Days Conference. The abstract book from the conference is also available on the downloads page in pdf format.