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Jun 20/2016

Multicultural Days
An International Perspective
June 23 - 25, 2005
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Conference Summary 2005

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I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their participation in Multicultural Days: An International Perspective. I enjoyed meeting all of you and the program reflected the varied experiences and research that each of us are invested in exploring. As I mentioned in my closing remarks, this conference has just scratched the surface of a very large territory that crosses many disciplines and perspectives. It has also clearly shown the need for forums like the conference to bring together diverse perspectives and disciplines so that all of us can learn from each other. I am looking into the possibility of another conference in summer 2007 that would provide us with the opportunity to engage in an exploration of the issues and research applications that are important when exploring multiculturalism and its associated territories. Unless you inform me otherwise by e-mail, my lab will keep you posted on new conferences and initiatives. Should you have any comments or reflections on Multicultural Days: An International Perspective, please e-mail me as these will be very helpful in future planning.

As I would like to maintain the connections made through the conference as much as possible, the website has a new links. If anyone would like the website to post links to their projects or materials, please send the information by e-mail for review and posting. Pictures from the Niagara Falls trip are also available on the web under links.